Jane Doe

This is the place to write a very short description.

Humble Beginnings
My Origin Story

It all started when...

To write a good origin story, you need to start with a distinctive background. Establish the world and highlight all unique features and rules. Paint a picture that draws someone in. Weave in elements of your past that shaped your motivations and actions. Ensure the beginning plants the seed for how you ultimately became the person you were meant to be.

Try to keep this part to about 75 words or under. Don't overwhelm them with everything at once. This is just a taste. Your goal here is to make them want to read the next part. Fun Fact: We're using a powerful Grid Element to create those pictures to the right and below. It's super easy to manage and use in your own Origin Story thanks to Personify!

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Everything changed when...

If you're looking to nail a pivotal moment in your origin story, think of it like a pressure cooker. You've been building up tension and conflict. Now, it's time to let it explode. Make sure your readers know why this moment is a big deal – what's at stake. Get into your head. Why did you act that way? Paint a picture with your words; make us feel like we're there with you.

This moment should shake things up – change your character's journey or how they see the world. Lastly, what happens next? This should set off a chain reaction that keeps your story moving. 100 or so words is a good target for this section.

And just to give you a taste of how powerful Personify is, the image to your left will auto adjust taller or shorter based on the length of your copy. Website magic!

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One of the
Turning Points

This is where you want to highlight a key part of your origin story that served as a turning point. Focus on something short, sweet, and punchy. Use of an image in close proximitey helps to communicate visually what you have written. Notice how we have images above and below so this would be an good place to focus on text only. The shorter you can keep this point the better as people will naturally scroll and if they like what they see here, they may go back to the beginning and read the whole story. All aspects of the Origin Story are easily customizable with Personify.


Little did I know...

Tell the reader what is about to happen. Bring them behind the scenes for what is about to unfold. This is the place to convey an important piece of advice or something you learned. Done right, this will not only further tell your story, it will leave them with a nugget of wisdom.

People love learning from the mistakes of others. They love avoiding pitfalls that are easy to fall into. Genuinely convey the aha moment or the unexpected turn that led to your discovery, and make sure to be clear and concise about what the event actually was (no theory, just real life).

Try to keep this in the 100 word range. You can take some latitude if your story is especially compelling but be sure to break it up in sections as this is how people like to read. Thankfully, Personify helps you do this with ease. Try duplicating sections and playing around with the layout.


Finally, things turned around...

This is the transformation. In the resolution of the origin story, you embrace destiny. With newfound strength and understanding, explain how you reconciled the past and present, ready to face the future.

Done right, your reader will identify with your story and see you as their trusted friend and guide. Remember that short and sweet is generally better.

In the End
My Mission Became...

This is who you are and what you stand for. It is aspirational but attainable. Clear and concise. People should want to do business with you because of your mission and it should define your outlook professionally, and sometimes, even personally.

Jane Doe

Now that you are known, this is the place to formally introduce yourself. Without an origin story, people wouldn't have joined you in the struggle. You would have been just another gal (or guy) on the internet. Instead they know you a little better, maybe even rooting for you.

This is the time to convey who you are and what you do. Explain what you want people to know and what you want them to do next. Speak as though you are talking to a friend.

This is what we call a transition section. Their purpose is not to stay but to be taken to the next step of the journey.